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Flip Chart

Check out PAMA's key facts, best recipes, and tips from Eben Freeman.

Recipe Book

Flip through & download PAMA's interactive cocktail recipe book.

Trade Brochure

Learn more about PAMA's unique flavor profile and how to create modified cocktails.

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Table Tent

Download a PAMA table tent for your bar.

Valentine's Day Table Tent

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Introducing Eben Freeman

Learn more about Master Mixologist Eben Freeman.

PAMA as a Modifier

Eben Freeman explains how PAMA can elevate cocktails from every to modern classics.

Color & Texture

Eben Freeman discusses the importance of color and texture in mixology.

Mythic Margarita

Eben Freemen uses PAMA to reduce the amount of base spirit in this updated margarita.

A Bird in the Hand

Eben Freeman shows how to modify a classic tiki drink with PAMA.

Complete Video Series

Download the complete Eben Freeman video series.