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151 Swizzle
September 21, 2014 ~ Kindred Cocktails

2014 Matt Hucke Overproof rum, Absinthe, Bitters,...

Sage Sling
September 21, 2014 ~ Kindred Cocktails

Gin, Agave syrup, Lime juice, Damiana Liqueur, Mint Bitters, Mintread more

Shap Shots: Sunset in Jamaica
September 21, 2014 ~ Alcademics

On a visit to Appleton Rum in Jamaica, I experienced this sunset. Plus: a lot of rum.

Bartenders Only: It’s Your Responsibility
September 21, 2014 ~ Liquor.com

Heres why top San Francisco bartender Jacques Bezuidenhout thinks labelsboth big and smalldont matter.

September 20, 2014 ~ Kindred Cocktails

2011 Kindred Cocktails Demerara Rum, Sweet vermouth,...

GSN Review: Partida Tequila
September 20, 2014 ~ Good Spirits News

Amazingly enough, Partida has only been around for nine years. I first heard of them through F. Paul Pacult’s Spirits Journal around the same time, when he awarded all three of their tequilas a rare 5-star rating. Partida was started by an unlikely pair from California,...

GSN Review: Reclamation Etchworks Decanters
September 20, 2014 ~ Good Spirits News

I always feel a sense of loss when I pour the last few drops of spirit out of a bottle. Because at that point all I can do is either recycle the container or keep it on a shelf as a memento. Reclamation Etchworks does both and makes a pretty cool product at the same […]

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