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Rock Out With Your Cocktail Out Thanks To Concert Craft Cocktails
April 17, 2015 ~ Alcademics

In my latest post for Details.com I have a story about how music festivals like Coachella are embracing craft cocktails.

The Great American Distiller Shortage
April 17, 2015 ~ Alcademics

America has no shortage of distilleries - there are over 900 registered now - but a big lack of people who know how to operate them. In a blog post for Whisky Advocate Magazine, I wrote about the shortage of experienced distillers in America.

Drinking Holidays 2015
April 17, 2015 ~ Intoxicologist

You're reading Drinking Holidays 2015, originally posted on The Intoxicologist and copyrighted by Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist. Visit The Intoxicologist so you don't miss a thing! The Intoxicologist - Dabbling in the world of cocktails one spirit at a time...Its always a...

Hey Bartenders! Last Week to Enter Disaronno's Mixing Star Competition
April 17, 2015 ~ Alcademics

Bartenders, how'd you like to win a free trip to New York to compete in the Mixing Star competition during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, with a grand prize of a trip to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans if you win? April 22 is the last day to enter Disaronno's Mixing Star...

GSN Review: Bols Maraschino
April 15, 2015 ~ Good Spirits News

Now just a cherry picking minute! Here are a few facts you may not know about this fruit. The Marasca cherry grown in Yugoslavia is what Maraschino (pronounced mer--sk-n) liqueur is made from. The neon colored cocktail garnishes are in no way related. But, Bols...

Amaro Lucano Review
April 15, 2015 ~ The Cocktail Enthusiast

The recipe for Amaro Lucano dates back to 1894. Pasquale Vena was working in this family’s cookie bakery in Pisticci, a small town in Lucania, Italy, when he developed this special blend of 30-plus herbs and essential oils. Over the decades, the family recipe has been passed...

Distillery Visit: Chateau de Maniban Armagnac at Chateau Castarede
April 15, 2015 ~ Alcademics

I had the chance to visit the Chateau Castarede, a 17th Century estate/castle in the Bas Armagnac region where they produce armagnac. Florence Castarde was our host for the day. She says they're the oldest armagnac brand, but so too does Dartigalongue. They make three armagnac...

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