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GSN Book Review: Hoffman House Bartender’s Guide by Charley Mahoney
March 3, 2015 ~ Good Spirits News

This extremely rare paperback book has been the holy grail for many a collector of cocktail guides over the past few decades and is finally now available to a wider audience. Originally published in 1905, this revised facsimile of the 1912 edition still holds valuable information...

GSN Book Review: The Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock
March 3, 2015 ~ Good Spirits News

“Is it any wonder that mankind stands open-mouthed before the bartender, considering the mysteries and marvels of an art that borders on magic?” Thus begins the brief introduction to this slim volume. It would have been helpful if the author had actually discussed the...

Distillery Visit: Ancho Reyes Ancho Chile Liqueur
March 3, 2015 ~ Alcademics

Last fall I visited the growing, drying, and production facilities for Ancho Reyes chile liqueur near Puebla, Mexico. I learned a lot about chilies.

A New Clear Ice Ball Maker That Seems To Work Okay
March 2, 2015 ~ Alcademics

There is a new clear ice ball maker on the market, so I gave it a test run.

Likkle Scratchy
March 2, 2015 ~ Kindred Cocktails

Jamaican rum, Virgin Islands Rum, Cassis, Lime juice

This is How to Pretend Like Your Cocktails are Healthy
March 2, 2015 ~ Liquor.com

Beets, kale, ginger and so much more. Who says your nutrients cant come with a side of alcohol?

Dead Rabbit, Volume 3: Cocktail Menu Meets Modern History
March 1, 2015 ~ The Liquid Muse

Studying spirits and classic cocktail recipes to land a bartending job at a prestigious venue requires dedication. Still, the mechanics of mixology can be taught and learned. Passion, however, is […]

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